SAP/ERP Consulting

We provide application consultancy and support to businesses in their SAP/ERP projects that are part of their digital transformation processes. We take sides with businesses in the project planning and implementation steps.

We provide support on the key factors that are necessary for the effective commissioning of projects, and give warnings by monitoring the transition processes. We work together with businesses and provide consultancy services to ensure that the processes are carried out within the framework of the determined quality criteria.

01. SAP Application Consulting

Within the framework of our SAP application consulting services;

  1. Sales, logistics and delivery (SD),
  2. Purchasing and material management (MM),
  3. Production (PP),
  4. Quality (QM),
  5. Engineering (PLM),
  6. Warehouse management (EWM),
  7. Financial affairs and cost (FI, TRM, CO)

we model and conceptualize our knowledge and experiences acquired in the fields mentioned above with the dynamic module consultants and software developers who are competent and experienced in their fields and with end-to-end and integrated approach in accordance with the digital transformation strategies of institutions. We help businesses to add value to and enhance their processes by adding our sectoral perspective to our SAP services.

02. SAP Application Support

We provide services for the continuity of the existing projects of businesses in addition to design and implementation of SAP projects which are steps of digital transformation process.

With our expert module consultants and software developers, we provide project-based or long-term consultancy support within the scope of modules to be determined to the SAP projects that are implemented in order to carry out processes without interruption and to meet new needs.

03. SAP Quality Assurance
  1. Process analysis and design,
  2. Supplier selection,
  3. Scoping,
  4. Budget planning in accordance with the scope,
  5. Creation of project teams according to the company’s priorities and project plan,
  6. Possible risks and precautions to be taken against these risk,
  7. Observing the design studies in accordance with the structure of the company,
  8. Live transition plans
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