Kuika is a low-code software development platform that enables non-programmers to develop their own solutions through a graphical user interface without having to learn long and complex programming languages.

Thanks to Kuika, routine and standard applications can be developed quickly with less or no code. Thus, software developers have the opportunity to focus on more value-added works.

We offer innovative solutions to businesses that want to improve their mobile and cloud capabilities in the digitalizing world and prefer turn-key solutions.

01. Features
  1. Screen design with drag and drop
  2. Pre-made components
  3. Ready-to-use elements
  4. Pre-made «connectors»
  5. Customizable screens
  6. Process simplification
  7. Standardization
02. Fields of Usage
  1. IOS and Android applications
  2. Responsive web applications
  3. Embeddable web applications
  4. Planned transactions
  5. API builder
  6. Notification design
  7. Payment System integrations
  8. Process automation
  9. Report designer
  10. E-mail generator
  11. UT design
  12. Configuration management
03. Low Code & No Code Benefits
  1. Saves time by allowing software development through pre-made components and connectors.
  2. Simplifies processes thanks to its visual design and development environment.
  3. Provides standardization by forcing implementers to develop in a similar way.
  4. Allows to develop an excellent application by connecting and using pre-made connectors.
  5. Quality, a high quality application is created even with low development knowledge.
  6. Reduces the effort required for development with the existing connectors and components.
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