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We guide businesses on their digital transformation journeys with our RPA, System and Networks Consulting, SAP Application Consulting, Cloud Services, Security Services, IoT, Management Consulting, Project Management and Data Management services.
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SAP/ERP Consulting

We provide application consultancy and support to businesses in their SAP/ERP projects that are part of their digital transformation processes.

Project Management

Considering the scope, cost, time and quality constraints, we provide end-to-end project management support to businesses in reaching the goal of the project.

Management Consulting

We guide businesses to define and manage their processes thus they can achieve sustainable, effective and efficient business results.

Data Management Consulting

We provide consultancy in managing and making meaningful data to businesses whose data sources are increasing rapidly.


With RPA software, we provide cost savings of up to 60% in business operations, while eliminating many workloads on employees.


We provide support to businesses on IoT projects that enable objects to communicate over the network and help businesses to take smarter decisions with data analysis.

System & Network Consulting

We analyze the server and network infrastructure of the businesses, and carry out our consultancy activities independently from the brand with the right positioning.

Security Services

We provide solutions to businesses for enhancing the system performance, security and sustainability with the correct configuration and security measures.

Cloud Services

We provide cloud hosting services to businesses for achieving cost savings, more flexibility, advanced scalability and business continuity.

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We believe in the power of team spirit on the way to success and we work with pleasure to provide value to life and the future. Within Norm Holding which shapes the future and believes in the power of continuous development, we offer technological solutions that makes the lives of businesses easier and create permanent values for businesses by proceeding in the light of universal technological values.

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