Internet of Things (IoT)

For data collection and advanced analytics; we provide support to businesses in Internet of Things (IoT) projects that allow physical machines, vehicles and devices to communicate with each other over a network and to make smarter decisions simultaneously by analyzing the information they have.

With IoT networks, which we strengthened by improving response time and increasing speed thanks to 5G and edge computing technologies, we enable businesses to take decisions and actions based on data, minimize the delay and use less bandwidth by operating the data in the closest location to the data source.

01. We are building intelligent factories

Thanks to Industry 4.0, we are establishing smart factories that will enable businesses to control all production stages from a single center, collect data and intervene immediately.

With Smart Factories, we provide businesses monitoring standard deviation/anomaly/performance data, production quality monitoring, employee safety, location tracking, and stock improvement with production data collection and decision support systems.

02. We provide high competitiveness.

We enable businesses to be more productive and competitive globally by equipping the machine with the web and powerful networks in factory hardware and embedded systems.

03. We are increasing efficiency.

Thanks to smart production processes, we increase the access of enterprises to data through the entire supply chain network. We help manufacturers and suppliers to access the data they need about production and orders simultaneously, determine the exact amount of material needed and the processing time, thus increasing efficiency in the business.

04. We enhance performance.

We enable instant collection of all data throughout the supply chain, real-time detection and response to errors or emergencies, ensure that precise data is reached by collecting data not only from people but also from objects and enable better evaluation of all this data. We increase the performance by helping to make the necessary improvements faster.

05. We shape the future.

We see Smart Factories as one of the most important applications that can be counted under the internet of things applications as smart home systems and smart cities and, we also provide consultancy to businesses in the industry 4.0 step of their digital transformation projects while shaping the future.

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