With the Recruitment Platform Vinter, we aim to save on businesses time and costs by creating a plain and transparent process between candidates and human resources departments.

We enable businesses to save the time spent by HR departments in finding candidates, evaluating and conducting interviews, and to reduce their recruitment costs with Vinter that was designed due to the increasing number of online meetings in today’s changing conditions and the fact that the existing solutions do not fully meet all the needs.

We perform a plainer and more transparent process between candidates and HR departments with Vinter that was designed with the strength and support of Norm’s Human Resources team and from their almost 50 years of knowledge. We offer a flexible infrastructure to HR teams for creating their own processes and enable them to create a data-based decision-making process.

With Vinter’s asynchronous progress, we help candidates and HR teams to take the necessary steps according to their own schedule, without arranging meetings or appointments. We ensure that candidates or HR teams are aware of the progress of the process with system status notifications.

By anonymizing the written and visual information produced by candidates during the application process, we use the information for Vinter to improve its effectiveness and to keep safely the data of businesses and candidates.

01. Features of Vinter
  1. An infrastructure that is flexible and adaptable to one’s own recruitment process
  2. Question set management
  3. Video tagging
  4. Tagging candidate abilities (+soft skill)
  5. Position specific competency set management
  6. HR analytics
  7. Reporting/analytics dashboards
  8. Candidate position matching analytics
  9. Integration and document verification
  10. Emotional recognition
  11. Speech to text
  12. Gamification
02. Vinter enables HR teams to:
  1. Create positions,
  2. Add the steps in their own processes to these positions,
  3. Design these position steps on their own,
  4. Prepare written and video question lists,
  5. Interview candidates one-to-one,
  6. Follow in detail the application process of the candidates,
  7. View interactively the application process for the position,
  8. Analyze the general application status for the position,
  9. Transcribe the video records of candidates by sound analysis.
03. Vinter enables candidates to:
  1. Apply for the position with the invitation link,
  2. See the position steps in a transparent way,
  3. Know the next step for process to proceed,
  4. Receive quick feedback regarding the application,
  5. Express themselves better with video answers.
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