Security Services

We offer solutions to businesses to increase the performance, security and sustainability of their systems by using the right configurations and security measures via consulting services such as network & system health scanning, incident intervention & incident reaction, SIEM & Log Management and security operations center.

With our expert staff and services that can respond to objectives and needs, we guide businesses to reach world standards, and we add sustainable values ​​to businesses by taking customer satisfaction and professionalism as the first priority.

01. Our Security Services
  1. Cyber Security Consulting
  2. Cyber Security Trainings
  3. Penetration Tests
  4. Red-team Tests
  5. Advanced Source Code Analysis and Secure Software Development Support
  6. Personal Data Protection Law Consultancy
  7. BGYS Consultancy
  8. SIEM & LOG Management
  9. Security Operation Center
  10. Security Products Configuration Analysis
  11. Network/System Health Scan
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