Cloud Services

We enable businesses to achieve significant cost savings, greater flexibility, enhanced scalability and business continuity with our cloud hosting services for some or all of their information technology needs.

We offer a complete cloud hosting services across all cloud infrastructures- private, public and hybrid, for helping businesses avoid high capital expenditures and continuous support, maintenance and operating costs of in-house hardware systems.

We ensure that cloud configurations match application requirements, including secure private clouds with private service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure the maximum availability of mission-critical applications. Different from other cloud hosting providers, we support the entire lifecycle of cloud needs, including consulting, process design, integration and technical design, implementation, migration, custom development and continuous management. We execute smoothly the cloud transition of the business with this integrated approach.

01. Cloud Services
  1. Manageable Services
  2. Hosting Services
  3. Infrastructure service (IaaS)
  4. Platform service (Paas)
  5. Software service (SaaS)
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