System & Network Consulting

We provide system and network consultancy services to businesses on existing server and network infrastructures. Within the scope of System Consultancy Service, we analyze the existing server infrastructure of the businesses in line with our checklists, and carry out our consultancy activities with a correct positioning, independently of the brand. Within the scope of Network Consultancy Service, we analyze the existing network infrastructures of businesses and terminate at a single point offices, branches and stores in remote locations, reconfigure them as back-up, and provide consultancy services to configure their existing structures in a more controllable way.

01. System Consultancy Services
  1. Server Solutions & Consultancy
  2. Data Storage & Backup Consultancy
  3. Virtualization Solutions and Consulting
  4. Microsoft Solutions
02. Network Consultancy Services
  1. Firewall Solutions & Consultancy
  2. Wireless Network Solutions & Consultancy
  3. Backbone Building Solutions & Consultancy
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