We offer the most efficient result with our dynamic software robot Normie and we help employees to focus on more creative works by saving them from doing repetitive tasks.

01. With Process Automation (RPA)
  1. Assists the order entry by bringing the final sales price and price lists of materials that were sent to the sales department by the customers.
  2. Makes the chemical analysis entries of raw materials.
  3. Assists the Master Data Management team.
  4. SAP inputs are under control with this technology.
02. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  1. Captures the document.
  2. Processes the image.
  3. With the OCR feature, Normie can edit the document types as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images taken with a digital camera and convert them to searchable data.
  4. Includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature.
  5. Validates data.
03. With Process Mining;
  1. Works on existing systems.
  2. Presents factual information obtained from real data.
  3. Works by extracting information from event logs for visualizing the businesses processes and their variations in action.
04. With Test Automation, Normie;
  1. Is Fast.
  2. Is Reliable.
  3. Is Multi-purposed.
  4. Enhances accuracy.
  5. Provides time and money savings.
  6. Reduces human errors.
  7. Supports execution of repeated test cases.